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First UU Auction Zoom January 21 - Saturday, February 5, 2022

How do UUs weather a pandemic? They share treasures, experiences and themselves!

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Blue Boat Home - Lifting spirits, raising funds, restoring Earth

Let's go green together!

See our skit from last Sunday's service here.

Welcome! Our auction is an important fundraising event for the church and a great way to bring people together. Do you have a special talent, skill, or a unique service to offer? Can you host a dinner or offer an interesting outing? Then you've come to the right place. If you have questions about the auction, you can reach us at auction@firstuucolumbus.org.

Mark your calendars:
  • Entering Donations: OPEN NOW thru January 19! Don't wait for bidding to start!
  • Online Silent Auction bidding for
    • Good Stuff, January 21-27
    • Food, Fun and Frolic, January 28-February 4
  • Auction Celebration on Zoom February 5 at from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.
    • Learn to make signature cocktails and mocktails
    • Bid on curated items Live
    • Enjoy live entertainment


Browse and bid on items & events (You can see past catalogs here too)

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Auction How To’s: How to Log in and Donate. Watch the video here.

How to Make a Donation

If you aren’t sure what to offer, browse the online catalog to see what others have offered. You can view prior years there too. Pictures from prior auctions are on the church's main website.

Entering New Donations

  1. Pick the most appropriate category for your donation.
    • Good Stuff = crafts, gently used art, jewelry, housewares, and clothing.
    • Food, Fun & Frolic = dinners, specialty foods, excursions, and vacation rentals.
  2. Craft a catchy title with important words capitalized and numbers spelled out.
  3. Write engaging descriptions with dimensions, colors, materials, etc.
  4. All descriptions should end with a period or exclamation point, even if the description is not a sentence.
  5. Indicate if the donation is a “green” event or item.
  6. Please put in an estimated value; see “What is a Minimum Bid?” under Frequently Asked Questions below.
  7. Physical items should have minimum bids of at least $15. Services should have minimum bids of at least $10.
  8. Make sure to check the box (Is this a physical object?) if your item is a “thing.” If so, please indicate if you want the winning bidder to pick it up at your home OR if you will deliver it to them or meet at church.
  9. Putting in a picture of your item is very, very important. Your auction team can help you with this.
  10. If you are hosting an event with more than 4 guests, you should pick a date and time.
  11. Select “Save.”

Entering Repeat Donations

To repeat donations from prior years, you can use the "Offer Again" link next to those items on your prior year's statement. Starting from this year's statement, click the "2021" inside the "Other Years" box to see your last year's statement. (You can go all the way back to 2006)

Even though we still may have some limitations due to Covid-19, as resilient UUs we have what it takes to make this year’s Auction a success. With your help, this year’s Auction will raise the funds needed to support the good work of the First UU Church and continue to build a beloved community that will sustain us through the coming months. We hope to hear from you soon! Our church needs your creativity and generosity for a successful event!

Also see Frequently Asked Questions.

Some general suggestions for offerings might be:

  • Homemade desserts, soups, breads and meals.
  • Gently used small items (i.e. lamps, small kitchen appliances, sports equipment, etc.).
  • Handcrafts or works of art made by members of our community.
  • Lessons and classes that can be offered in person or online. The Auction team can help you plan a successful event.
  • Meals or gatherings of all stripes.
  • Outdoor excursions and events.
  • Online or in-person social events – musical performances, games, share a topic of interest, book discussion, etc.
  • Offer the use of your vacation home, camper, or a boat ride
  • Eco-friendly items and services such as:
    • Advice on adding edibles into your landscape
    • Advice on what to use instead of plastic
    • Arts made from repurposed materials
    • Basket of compostable products
    • Basket of reusable/zero waste products
    • Bicycle repair
    • Class on how to green clean your house
    • Consultation on selecting, planting, and caring for new trees and shrubs
    • Donation match to environment charities
    • Downsizing help to reduce, reuse, recycle, restore
    • Gardening without chemicals class or individual consult
    • Gift card to Reuse Revolution at North Market—Downtown or Dublin info@reuserevolution.com
    • Gift certificate to Koko’s Refillery or REWASH Refillery
    • How to create a pollinator garden
    • How to make paper from junk mail
    • How to plan an edible food forest
    • Plant-based cooking classes or meals
    • Small appliance repair—fix it rather than pitch it.
    • Subscription to the Compost Exchange www.thecompostexchange.com
    • Subscription to Yellowbird Foodshed https://yellowbirdfs.com/
    • SWACO landfill tour or a Rumpke Recycling Tour
    • Tree and shrub planting assistance
    • UU Uber (carpooling) to church
    • Zero Waste starter kit https://www.zerowaste.com
For more suggestions, see this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fair minimum bid? - Based upon previous years, here are some basic pricing guidelines for popular auction items:
  • Physical items – minimum bid, $15
  • Hikes with snacks – minimum bid, $15 - $20
  • Lunches/Brunches – minimum bid, $15 - $40
  • Dinners - Informal – minimum bid, $15 - $35
  • Dinners – Formal/multi courses/unique - minimum bid, $25 - $75
  • Fixed price items – minimum bid, $10 - $15
  • Services – minimum bid, $10
Things to take into account with setting value and minimum price:
  • Traveling distance – Are you meeting locally and then carpooling or are people having to travel on their own a fairly long distance? Offering to drive people or arrange to carpool will make people want to bid higher.
  • Uniqueness of the event – When offering an event, whether it is a brunch, hike, dinner, game night, etc., think about what works for you. A pizza and game night is great fun and a wonderful way to get conversations going but will bring in a lower bidding price, which is fine! An event based upon your travels to an exotic locale where you are sharing your unique experiences and special recipes will bring a higher bidding price because of its uniqueness. However, don’t be unique just to be unique; hosts need to enjoy their own event and be comfortable with what they are serving/offering.

  • The number of places offered – Offer the number of places that makes sense for you; however, items with only a few spots will generally have a higher value and minimum bid than items with lots of spots.

  • Value – We have a tendency to undervalue our offerings. This is a fundraiser and your generous donation is the backbone of this event. You are offering a service or event that includes your time and resources. Make sure your generosity is appreciated by setting an appropriate value. The auction team goes through values and minimum bids and will help you set prices.

  • Services – Services need to be valued by the time and resources being offered. Remember, your time is valuable and this should be reflected in the price.

Can I buy an item early? - YES! Some items have a "Buy it Now" price. If you place a bid for that value (or more!) you will immediately win the item!

Why is a specific date required? - If you are offering a one-on-one item (genealogy, counseling, or handymen services) you can figure out the date with that one person. However if you are offering a dinner for eight, it is akin to herding cats trying to find a date that works for all. By specifying the date in advance, people can check their calendar and know that they are available.

Still not sure what to offer? - Browse past catalogs using the "By Year" links at the bottom left of the main catalog. Talk to the auction team or to the host of an event you have attended. Bat around ideas and see what you come up with.