Thanks to everyone who made our auction a big success. Together we raised $33,069.75 this year to support our ministry, which was above our $30,000 goal. We also raised an additional $10,000 before the live auction to fund a new intern. That's awesome!

Click the Statement link to see what you got and/or who purchased your items/events.

Even with the auction 101 days behind us, you can still make corrections on your statement to your donated item descriptions or event dates. If you do, please remember to contact everyone involved.

Auction Events and CoVid-19 – Rescheduling Recommended

With Governor DeWine’s Stay at Home order replaced by his Ohioans Protecting Ohioans recommendations, please consider the safety of your guests if you are sponsoring an upcoming auction event. First, determine if you are able to hold your event under CDC guidelines (group size 10 or less, social distancing, masks). If you feel you can provide a safe environment, next please contact your guests to determine their comfort level with attending your event. If any guests would prefer not to attend, we encourage you to err on the side of caution and reschedule your event. If you feel you cannot provide a safe environment and your event is coming up, please log in to the auction website, go to your event listing and use the “Email all” option to notify your guests that you will be rescheduling when conditions permit.

You should also update or remove the event date so that the automatic reminder emails aren't sent for the old date, or email the auction team and we can do that for you.

Thanks for your understanding and consider using Zoom or other online means to stay socially connected at a safe physical distance. Ohio's COVID-19 website is a good source of information about when these guidelines may be revised.

Your First UU Auction Team


Our auction is an important fundraising event for the church and a great way to bring people together. Do you have a special talent, skill, or a unique service to offer? Can you host a dinner? Then you've come to the right place. If you have questions about the auction, you can reach us at

First UU Auction Saturday, February 22, 2020

Come Fly With Me

"Up, up, and away!"


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We are focusing on services, dinners, excursions, vacations, and fellowship activities. Any items which are added to the website will be considered but may be gently declined so that we may focus our efforts more on donations which build fellowship and community. So please keep the food related services and all the wonderful things that we can share with each other, but save those precious objects for the rummage sale.

"Meals and More" BID SHEETS

It’s easy to bid on multi-seat dinners. If you want two places, write your paddle number NEATLY in two adjacent places. You can skip rows to bid higher if you like, or fill in behind those who have done so. Rows of seats with the HIGHEST bids win, then if a row won’t all fit, earlier bids from LEFT to RIGHT win.

The next auction will be nextAuctionDateTimeString and you can enter donations for it after nextAuctionActiveDateString.

We are fortunate to have Paul Delphia - licensed professional auctioneer who has offered us his services again this year.