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D0001 D1 Donate
  • First UU Church
Your extra donation supports the mission and vision of the Church

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F0001 F1 Week 2 - Food, Fun, & Frolic
  • Susan O'Donnell
Celebrate Mexican Independence with an Authentic Dinner
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¡Viva la libertad!—Sopa de tortillas, albóndigas, arroz con frijoles, ensalada Cesar, y flan. ¡Viva Mexico!—Tortilla soup, meatballs, rice, beans, Caesar salad, and traditional custard served with Mexican beer and sangria. 6 6 .00025E7 25 9/17/22 6:00 PM N N N N
F0002 F2 Week 2 - Food, Fun, & Frolic
  • First UU Church
Reserved Parking Space
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You will always have a space on Sunday right in front of the church! Spaces are reserved through the end of the second Sunday morning service, so there is no restriction on arrival time. 2 2 .001E7 100 N N N N