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Unitarian Universalist Church of Marble Head Auction

2013 Entertainment
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N1 Eat, Drink,and Sing your Favorite Songs - at the Top of Your Lungs! for eight

Join us for a night of eating, drinking, and singing really loud. We provide food and drink, and a sound system. You bring three or four of your favorite sing-out-loud songs on CD or MP3 and the lyrics for each song (easily found on line). We then all sing together all night long. Think of it as a piano bar, without the piano, but with lyrics available, so you'll know all the words.
The event will be on Saturday, November 24, 2013.

  • Linda Beattie & Paul Tremblay

Qty: 8 Remain: 0
Value: $35 Min: $20
Date: Sun Nov 24, 2013 - 6:00 PM

N2 Two Hours of Cocktail Piano Music

Two Hours of Cocktail Piano Music by our own Pianist. Sandi will play music for you - you will think you are in Paris, Rome, London, Greece, Spain.

  • Sandi Peaslee

Qty: 1 Remain: 0
Value: $250 Min: $100

N3 Lunch and Admission to PEM

Mary will take you to lunch in the Atrium Cafe and buy you general admission tickets to the Museum. Enjoy the wonderful Peabody Essex with Mary.

  • Mary Rossborough

Qty: 2 Remain: 0
Value: $50 Min: $25

N4 Tarot Reading for One

Tarot Reding! - Who loves me, Will I be famous, Will my novel be published. Worldly responses to your most curious questions in life. Come and learn from Jack who will be doing your reading.

  • Jack Weltner

Qty: 1 Remain: 0
Value: $200 Min: $50

N5 Have a Yoga Party for up to 50 People

For a wonderful Party - Have a Yoga Dance Party for up to 50 of your best friends. Corinne will lead you all in Dance and Fun - what more could you ask for? You provide the space and mutually agreeable date.

  • Corinne Commoss-Abercrombie

Qty: 1 Remain: 1
Value: $300 Min: $50

N6 Music Together - Certificate for One Session

One Child Certificate for Fall 2013 [Sept-Nov] or Winter 2014 [Jan-Mar] Session - Music Together is the country's premiere music development program for families with infants and toddlers. Classes held here at the church.

  • Music Together

Qty: 1 Remain: 1
Value: $220 Min: $100